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The Llumins idea is simple - to provide a range of microscopes which focus on essential features required in high turnover laboratories. Our factory has been producing microscopes and parts for two of the leading three microscope brands in the world for the past 13 years. This includes the most popular brand on the market today. In South Africa we have streamlined our business model to reduce the use of the middle man which puts Llumins in prime positions to supply good quality products at the most affordable prices. Our products are secured by a well-structured after sales service network which covers the major metropolitan areas of South Africa. When it comes to the working class microscope Llumins will the best choice for years to come.

The Llumins no fuss approach eliminates non-essential luxuries which increase the price, whilst we outperform the other brands on the more essential features. This allows our customers to maintain quality, pay less while still having complete satisfaction during use.

Our Field and Llumins1 ranges offers versatility and modularity with a one size fits all philosophy. These microscopes can then be used for various application long after it has been purchased. It is specifically designed for high end routine work and when budgets are tight, as an alternative to more luxurious microscopes also.

Our business model ensures an almost direct path between our factory and our clients. The result is that our customer’s feedback has a direct impact on our designs, and they have the unique opportunity to receive the occasional tailored adjustments according to their needs.

Our philosophy and business model:

Llumins recognizes that Africa’s requirements are unique and very different from our American, English and European counterparts. Essentially the international markets are largely feature driven, while the African market is more cost and functionality driven. We have therefore adapted a modern and tailored business model to cater for and fit our unique market. Excluding the middle men simply means more direct contact and feedback from the end user and more cost effective pricing.

We focus on core business and customer satisfaction whilst outsourcing secondary services to accredited providers, which we manage closely. Our sales are administered by our central sales team, while distribution and ordering happens electronically. The net result is simply that we ship directly to our clients, saving you money.


CREATE a new class of microscope which includes only the MOST essential high end specifications, and make it cost effective!

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