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Llumins Stereo


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Pure White LED

20mm field of view (standard)

Most portable microscope in our range

Koehler illumination

Best features in its price class

Clear Plan Achromatic Objectives

Compact and robust with carry handle


Llumins StereoThe Llumins Stereo offers a diversified combination of configurations applicable to almost every industry. Its established optical system, perfected over time has a large zoom ratio with clear high resolution images. The long working distance magnification makes it easy to operate with a verity of specimens and items.


Grossing and embedding, general zoom work, electronics, jewellery etc.


Standard: 6.7x - 4.5X. Using optional eyepiece and auxiliary lens, it can extend to 2x - 225X
PL10x/20T FN20mm with adjustable dioptre, large field, wider angle, high eye point, to also allow for wearing glasses.
OPTIONAL: 15x16mm, 20x10mm, 25x/9mm (all can be used with reticule)
Zoom objective lens 067x -4.5X (6.7:1)
Viewing Head
40° or 60° inclined head, inter-pupillary range 54-76mm, both sides dioptre adjustable (±5mm) binocular or trinocular options available
Working Distance
Standard: 100mm, using optional auxiliary lens can expand to 26mm-287mm
Auxiliary Lens
Optional: 03x / 287mm, 04x/ 217mm, 0.5x/177mm, 0.75x/117mm, 1.5x/117mm, 2x /26mm
Photo, Video & C-mount
Special C-mount adapter, can connect with common camera, digital camera, simulate CCD and digital CCD
Two tension adjustable focus knobs, adjustment range 50mm
Top Illuminator
Halogen bulb 12v / 15W oblique lighting Independent top/bottom illuminator switch both with continuous brightness adjustment, and stable brightness
High brightness LED oblique lighting
Bottom Illuminator
Transmitted halogen bulb 12v/15W.
Transmitted fluorescent bulb 230V/7W
Transmitted high brightness LED

Stereo Overview:

Stereo Overview Stereo Overview