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Llumins Vivid


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Pure White LED or Halogen

22mm field of view

Flip down Condenser

Koehler illumination

Rotable stage

Tilting head available

Large stable body


Llumins VividThe Llumins Vivid is a dedicated lab bound microscope with high modularity. Producing clear bright and vivid images via 22mm field of view, it comes standard with a trinocular head and plan achromatic objectives. Optionally it can use a tilting head for extra convenience. Its flip down condenser and full Koehler illuminations system with adjustable aperture makes it ideal for various applications. It is fully modular with polarisation, dark field, fluorescence and phase contras capabilities.


Large body, research grade, laboratory bound manual upright microscope for transmitted light observations. various applications, fluorescence, phase contrast, polarisation, dark field.


Optical System
Infinity colour corrected optical system
High eye-point, wide field plan eyepiece PL10x/22T FN22mm, PL15 x 16mm with adjustable dioptre.
Infinity PLAN Achromatic / phase contras / semi-apochomatic fluorescence objective
Viewing Head
Efficient infinity gemel binocular head, 30° - 60° vertically adjustable (movable), interpupillary adjustable distance 54-74mm, dioptre +/- 5 adjustable
30° inclined Gemel Binocular Head. Interpupillary adjustable distance 54-74mm, dioptre +/- 5 adjustable
30° inclined Gemel Trinocular Head. Light splitting ratio R:T=50:50, Interpupillary adjustable distance 54-74mm, dioptre +/- 5 adjustable
Nose Piece
Reverse quantuple nosepiece
174x145mm double layer mechanical stage, rotatable, with special fabrication processing, anti -corrosive and anti-friction; moving range 76x50mm, precision :0.1mm
187 x 167mm double layer mechanical stage, moving range: 80x55mm, precision: 0.1mm
N.A 0.9 swing-out type achromatic condenser; N.A 1.2/022 swing-out type achromatic condenser; N.A 1.25 quintuple phase contrast condenser; N.a.0.9 dry dark field condenser; N.A.1.25 oil dark field condenser.
Polarizing Kit
Analyzer 360° rotatable; polarizer and analyzer can be out of the light path.
Yellow, green, blue, neutral filter.
C-mount light splitting insertion
To use C-mount camera together with vertical incline adjustable head. Fits in-between head and body to supply c-mount (trinocular system).
Single high brightness 5W LED with continuous intensity control
Philips 6v/30W halogen bulb with continuous intensity control, pre-centered
Camera Adaptor
0.5 x CTV, 0.67 x CTV, 1 x CTV, 2/3 x CTV
Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment, with coarse adjustment stop and tightness adjustment, range: 25mm, precision: 0.001mm.

Vivid Overview:

Vivid Overview Vivid Overview