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Llumins Xion


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High precision ceramic stage

22mm field of view

Sextuple nose (takes 6 objectives)

6xInfinity PLAN Achromatic objectives

Height adjustable ergonomic head

LED illumination

Luxury Model - Multi header options


Llumins XionCatering for the pathologists every desire, the XION Series Microscope is a feature rich clinical grade microscope which covers it all. It comes standard with a high precision superb quality ceramic stage, full sextuple nosepiece included with six Infinity PLAN Achromatic Objectives of your choice and comfortable ergonomic height adjustable head. Being fully modular the XION also offers the freedom and flexibility to add any capabilities in the future. Use it with our new multi header systems or fluorescence, dark field, polarisation and phase contrast. This all inclusive clinical microscope competes in every aspect with the other top rated brands. Considering the three factors, quality, features and price, the XION Microscope is without comparison one of the best buys on the market today. In conclusion and all things considered the XION should easily get to the top of your list.


Clinical diagnostics, research and biomedical applications.


Optical system
Infinity colour corrected optical system
PL10x/20T FN22mm with adjustable diopter
OIP Infinity Plan Achromatic objectives ( choose between 2x, 4x, 10x 20x 40x 50x and 100x oil)
Phase Contrast Infinity PLAN Achromatic Objectives: (10x,20x,40x and 100x Oil)
Infinity PLAN Fluorite Objectives (4x, 10x, 20x, 40x and 100x Oil)
Viewing Head
Siedentopf ergonomic binocular tilting head 5°-35° (Default option)
Siedentopf ergonomic trinocular tilting head 5°-35° (uses separate light splitting adapter for camera)
Nose Piece
Revolving quintuple nosepiece (holds 5 objectives)
Revolving sextuple nosepiece (holds 6 objectives) (Default option)
High precision ceramic coated stage. Customisable tension and height of control arm. Right hand operation. Size 220x158mm
Swing out condenser N.A 0.90/0.25 condenser 2x-100x (flip down 2x and 4x)
Phase contrast turret condenser with 5 positions
Abbe condenser , N.A 1.1 (4x-100x)
Coaxial focus coarse and fine system with tension adjustable, coarse: stroke 37.7mm per rotation, Fine Stroke 0.001mm per rotation, Moving range 24mm with upper limit stop control, tightness adjustment
Illuminator Options
Single high brightness 5W LED with continuous intensity control (Default option)
Philips 6v/20W halogen bulb with continuous intensity control
100 watt external power supply, lamp house and bulb
Camera Adaptor
C-mount 0.5X
C-mount 1X

Xion Overview:

Xion Overview

Xion Overview